Are you late? Don’t panic

Wed,May 15, 2019 12:58 AM

Attending the interview in time is always a right practice.
However sometimes you may be getting late, for the reasons beyond your control like traffic jams, weather conditions, flight cancellations etc.
In those situations, is it advisable to miss the interview? No, never miss the chance to attend the interview.
When a potential new job is on the line, what’s the best way to handle this dilemma? Our expert mentors offer five tips for rebounding from a late arrival.

1. Phone the interviewer

If it’s at all possible, give the interviewer a call and inform him that you can’t arrive on time. When you call, let him know your expected arrival time and ask if that time will still work. If it doesn’t, request him to reschedule.
“Everybody has an agenda; if you’re expected at 1:30 PM and you show up at 2 PM, that disturbs the whole schedule,” the experts say, “Offering to reschedule shows that you’re respectful of that person’s time.”

2. Apologize, but Don’t Overdo It

It is your responsibility to apologize. Whether you’re apologizing on the phone or in person, be sincere and professional— but don’t give lame excuses.
“Let the interviewer know how sincerely sorry you are and how out of character this is, but don’t ramble,” the experts say. “Make your apology and then move on. Things happen, and people understand that. Don’t undermine yourself by throwing out a bunch of lame excuses.”

3. Take an Extra Minute to Compose Yourself

You’re already running late. Who has a spare second to take 10 deep breaths and try to pull yourself together?Don’t worry you can.
Yes, you’ve started off on the wrong foot, which automatically puts you at a disadvantage, but going into the interview completely tired will only harm you further. Instead, take a few moments and do whatever you need to do to get yourself back on track.
“Whether it’s a focusing on a quote or mantra, counting, or listening to music, take an extra minute to do whatever you need to do to calm down,” the interview coach advises. “If your blood pressure is up and your heart is going a hundred miles an hour, you’re not going to make a good impression.”

4. Keep it Positive

When you arrive, apologize again by saying, “I’m sorry; this is not ordinarily how I conduct myself,” and then let it go.
Bear in mind that if things go well, this is the person you’ll either be working for or with, so keep the conversation positive and professional. Give him or her a chance to get to know you—particularly your strengths, such as how you can overcome a challenge like an unexpected detour on the way to an important meeting.
HR Interview is a platform where your presentation skills are at test. Thus being late is also an opportunity to demonstrate your presentation skills.

5. Prove you are innovative and adaptable

“Ninety percent of an interview is getting to know you as a person and getting a feel for who you are and if you’ll fit within that organization. How you handle yourself under pressure says a lot about you and how you’ll conduct yourself as the company’s employee,” I tell you.
“If you’re late to this interview, chances are you could be late to see a client, and the company wants to know how you recover. At that point, it almost becomes a test of how you handle the situation. It shows your adaptability and innovative nature”
Never lose hope. Be confident, fight till the last minute. No interviewer would like to lose a worthy candidate.


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